Save On Meats operates as a social enterprise that includes a diner, butcher and commissary kitchen.

Save On Meats is part of Vancouver’s heritage. Having established itself as a key part of the community back in 1957, Save On Meats needed to support their commitment to the community through a website that better represented who they are and the work they are doing to influence positive social change.

Not only did they need a place online to better communicate their social focus and commitment, but they also needed to invigorate the brand for their diner and butcher customers.

BigLittle worked closely with the Save On Meats team to map out a way to best articulate their brand in terms of a local restaurant as well as stay true to their heritage and also highlight their social focus in the community. In addition to their core communication objectives we worked to rebuild a more user-friendly registration site to facilitate their cooking class service as well as integrate the site with relevant donation and token purchasing platforms.

The final outcome was a pretty bad-ass diner site encompassing their social and community initiatives and a streamlined and automated cooking class registration sign-up portal.